Monday, September 14, 2009

You are gonna do what with that ball???!!!!

As im sure you all have heard about Serena Williams and her...yea

If you are not sure lets just add in some of the details. It's 6-5 in the second set in the FINALS...THE FINALS! Serena hits her first serve, misses...second serve, FOOT FAULT to make the game 15-40 with Serena serving on a match point against her. Instead of admitting her mistake, keeping her cool and continuing to try to win one of her most important matches in her life she decides to threaten the lines judge...WRONG!!! Serena tells the lines official that she was "going to shove a ******* ball down her ******* throat" in turn got her tossed from the match.

1. She is an idiot for going off in the first place. I heard people say let em play but when someone clearly breaks a rule in any sport you have to abide by the rules. There is no player that gets special treatment on tour why should a women who screams every point anyway and drives people away from tennis get any different treatment.

2. There was no reason to take this situation as far as she did. The things she said were unproffesional and imature.

3. I hope she gets knocked of of doubles as well as the single.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Andy Murray in the final rounds of the open??

Well Britains biggest star Andy Murray lets us all down again with a loss to Mairion Cilic. Andy had a tough fight but i think he might just be losing that drive to be the best...i hope not because this guy has already made so much of an improvement since last year. I truly believe that his wrist played a part in his defeat but what i really noticed was no grunting or fist pumps from Andy. If you are injured and you choose to play through it, you don't have to hide it but at the same time don't make it a big deal which Andy Murray did not but it almost seemed like it took some passion out of his game.

Please post your comments and thoughts and check out some of the equipment that Andy Murray is using in his path to glory.