Friday, February 27, 2009

Wilson Tennis Shoes: Reinvented

The Wilson Tour Spin Men's Tennis Shoes are or the player that prefers a lightweight shoe that grabs and shapes to the foot.

Part of Wilson's new line of shoes, the Tour Spin is an excellent choice for hard courts.

A ballistic mesh upper makes this shoes one of the most breathable shoes of 2009, and nano-Wik technology keeps feet dry as sweat is transferred through the upper and away from the foot.

Extra rubber beneath the toe and a toe wrap over the toe make the Tour Spin very comfortable on stops and pivots. - They also add to the shoe life.

DST Foam makes for a consistent fit everytime.

Gel and Air soles often pop or fizzle out after a couple months, while the DST Foam maintains shape, even when the biggest, strongest players use them.

This means longer cushion life, and lower risk of foot and ankle injury.

The Innerloc lacing system allows for a nice tight fit without having to continually adjust shoes on changeovers.

Click on the picture to buy!

Color: White, Gray and Green

Wilson Tour Spin

Wilson Tour Spin

Wilson Tour Spin

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Diadora Speed Pro Tennis Shoe - Fits Like Butter

Tennis shoes usually lack either stability or comfort.

If you like a light shoe, buy a pair.

These shoes wear like a light running shoe, but have the stability of a court shoe.

Diadora Speed Pro Red - Bag Not Included

I still use the heavier Lottos with competition insoles and love them, but I'll probably go with a lighter shoe like the Speed Pro for the clay courts this spring and summer. - I just feel that if I can get stability in a lighter shoe, I would be an idiot not to buy them.

That's all.

Plus, they are awesome hang-out shoes.

Get them in black, silver, white or red.

# # #

Specs below

Upper: Air mesh plus net, combined with ultra-soft, lightweight synthetic micro-fiber for maximum breathability, flexibility and light weight. Toe overlay in Diadora exclusive HAR micro-fiber synthetic plus rubber print provides high resistance to abrasion due to toe drag. Lined throughout with special anti-bacterial treatment.

Insole: Removable, anatomically shaped, cushioned ErgoFit Insole with special anti-bacterial treatment.

Midsole: Molded EVA foam with Double Action inserts in the forefoot and heel area for enhanced shock absorption and flexibility. The Air Flow grid ensures proper forefoot flexion while offering midfoot stability and unsurpassed breathability.

Outsole: The lightweight outsole incorporates Diadora’s revolutionary Axeler Technology that dramatically improves forefoot flexibility while ensuring maximum midfoot stability. The thread-like frame composed of Tech Alloy, which is visible in the outsole, provides the versatility required to prevent midfoot torsion while enhancing forefoot flexibility as demanded by the competitive player. Duratech 5000 special anti-abrasion rubber compound throughout to ensure excellent durability.

Power Bridge 10 - If You're Good Enough, It's Pretty Good.

Think you're good enough to hit with the Volkl Power Bridge?

This is Volkl's leap from a decent DNX 10 to a reinvented series.

Feel is great.

Power is surprising.

Cesar De La Cruz Approves Of Volkl Power Bridge

Comfort is... well, just make sure you don't catch the ball late, because you will feel it!

I'm looking forward to the light version of this racquet to come out.

It has the same technology and feel.

It's just easier to use.

There's no shame in it.

I'm getting one.

Just tell me what you need, and I will help you out.

Play In The Zone!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gamma - New Strings Available Now!

Oh Gamma.

My relationship with you has always been one of the love-hate variety.

Renowned on the tour for great performance, I just haven't seen it, always quietly accusing you of getting caught up with gimmicks and marketing.

I personally never cared about the free hat I would receive when I got a string-job with Zo.

I used to think the best thing about your string was the durability which would allow me to hang myself after the frustration I would experience trying to get used to the string.

I'm glad I never followed through, because this new line of string is sweet.

These are like the 2.0 versions of Gamma's previous string.

They all go up a notch in each category: Power, Control, Comfort and Durability.

I would say the changes are not tweaks, but reinventions to previous versions.

Pictures and specs below:

Gamma Zo Twist

Zo Twist

Gamma Zo is back with new features to bump its rating up in all categories: Power, Control, Comfort and Durability.

For the player looking for extra bite on the ball without compromising power, Gamma Zo Twist delivers.

With an 8 out of 10 rating in both durability and control, plus a 7 out of 10 in power, Gamma Zo Twist is one of the most talked about new strings on the tour.

Zo Copolymer polyester filament strings feature a high energy core for a crisper feel and maximum control for all types of shots. Zo strings hold tension longer and provide maximum durability.

Unlike solid, perfectly round Zo, the Zo Twist appears to have fibers wrapping around the core.

In fact, there are no extra fibers, but the string is molded to appear that way for extra spin!

Color: Black
Gauge: 16

Gamma TNT Tour 16


Gamma TNT Tour 16 Gauge String is one of the few strings around that give the player a ton of power plus good durability.

Wrapped in fibers and coated, this string can handle high tension, and still deliver good control and comfort.

It's a must-try for the player looking for a durable gut-like string.

TNT's Thermo Nuclear Technology allows for greater elasticity and string bed deflection to cushion the impact andstore more energy in the strings for maximum power and feel.

Gamma Monoblast 16


Gamma Monoblast 16 is a Polyester Monofilament string that scores an 8 out of 10 on the durability scale.

Monoblast also scores high in control for the dead feel it provides to the big-hitting, fast-swinging player.

A little softer than other polyesters or kevlar, the Gamma Monoblast 16 trades a little durability for the power and control that most wirey strings don't have.

This fine string ships to us at the end of February.

Pre-book yours now!

Color: Neon Green
Gauge: 16

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asics Gel - Dude, I'm totally Gellin'

You'll be gelling, and so will your game with the new Asics, only available in store, or by calling 937-436-4700.

I love these shoes because they fit like a glove, and after one practice, they become a part of you!

The New Asics Tennis Shoe Line!

When people come into the store to try out shoes, I used to beat around the bush, bringing out all the latest models from all different companies, only to end up selling the Asics at the end.

Now, I lead with the Asics Gel Resolution, saving time for myself and the customer. (Thanks, Asics)

The Gel Resolutions are perfect for the average foot, meaning the foot that doesn't have any spurs, protrusions or any other kind of "foot character."

This is how most of our feet our, and I guess that's why Asics are our best selling shoe.

Call 937-436-4700 to place an order, or reserve a pair(s) for in-store pick up.

See you at the Zone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lotto Syn-Pulse Raptor - My New Favorite Shoe


The new Lotto Tennis Shoes are incredible!

Have you tried them? - Of course not, because they just shipped from the company to retailers like us.

We just received them, tried them out, and loved.

This shoe, worn by Lotto's tour players like David Ferrer, are on the heavy side.

They're heavy because they're loaded with technology, which, to me, makes up for the heavy feel.

I'm not the biggest fan of heavy tennis shoes, but these Lotto shoes make your feet feel snug, airy, and comfortable.

Adapto technology (thermoplastic materials that mold to your feet) make the shoe fit like a glove after just a couple practices.

Yes, this is the kind of shoe you must break in, but the break-in period lasts only a couple practices or so. - After that, they'll feel like custom-built shoes!

You must have a lot of energy, strength and great footwork in order to make the Syn-Pulse Raptor work for you.

As soon as you lose intensity, you'll start to feel the weight of the shoes.

I also recommend these as training shoes to enhance your practices, and gain strength and agility, while using a lighter, gameday shoe to compete in. - Just a thought.

The shoes are now available at, and as far as I know, there are no other American tennis companies selling this shoe quite yet.

Play in the Zone, and keep your feet happy and content this year.







Monday, February 16, 2009

New Yonex Frame Goes With Nothing, But Plays Like A Dream!

Yonex RDiS 100 Midplus Tennis Racquet - Let us introduce you to another stick that just made our hot list for 2009.

The Yonex RDis 100 comes in both 93 and 100-square-inch frames, with a sweet, thin, flat beam.

Develop the player in you with the Yonex RDiS 100.

I strongly recommend this to a young, developing tennis player that loves to strike the ball with a fast racquet.

If you're strong and you can hang in rallies, try one of these frames.

The 93-square-inch frame plays way more like a 95 or 97, definitely a good first midsize for the serious, tuned player.

Buy it, and take the next step.

Play in the zone.

Specs and write-up are below.


A larger frame (100 sq. in.) than its midsize counterpart, the Yonex RDiS 100 Midplus is great for an all-around player that has good technique.

It's a great option for a strong player that likes a little weight on his/her racquet.

Recommended for all-rounders.

This racquet provides powerful shots and sharp spin with control.

Advanced solid feel at impact is provided by STABILITY TORSION CONTROL.

Headsize: 98
Average Weight 11.5 oz (strung)
Grip Size G2,3,4,5
Length 27.0 in.
Material CS Carbon Nanotube
Nanoscale Elastic Ti
Colour Crystal Red
Recommended String ATG850
Stringing Pattern (main/cross) 16/19
Made in Japan

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nike Air Max Courtballistec - Rafael Nadal's shoe

This is currently a favorite in our shop.

This Nike Air Max Ballistec... My New Fave.

No, they don't glow in the dark.


UPPER: New DragOn X is an evolutionary material 30% more durable than DragOn ~ Synthetics provide exceptional lateral support ~ Midfoot lace protection.

MIDSOLE: Lunarlite technology in the forefoot for a softer and more flexible ride ~ Max Air unit in the heel for those 5 set matches ~ Molded OrthoLite sockliner

OUTSOLE: Full length XDR in a modified tennis herringbone pattern for extreme durability and traction on all surfaces ~ Midfoot shank for support

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dunlop Aerogel 3hundred 4D

Dunlop racquets have been out of my life for some time now.

The Dunlop Revelation was one of my first racquets.

The color, the grip... I loved it, but I moved on, and honestly, I hadn't taken Dunlop seriously for a while.

I'm thinking of dropping the my beloved Prestige, and the Dunlop Aerogel 300hundred is why.

For real.

Do you see any other blatant plug on our blog or on our site about any other racquet?

Dunlop Aerogel 3Hundred 4D at TheTennisZone


I know you'll the right thing and demo this racquet from Tennis Zone.


Ben of TZ

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Product Videos...

Our approach is pretty simple.

Visit us on




Wilson, Adidas, Stringing Promotion, Sale...

FROM: Tennis Zone, Inc.

2713 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.

Dayton, OH 45459

937-436-4700 / 877-499-6638

TO: Tennis Zone Customers

RE: Wilson Arrivals... 40% Off Long Sleeve... Website Links... Racquet Stringing Promotion

Greetings Tennis Zone Customers!

This time, let's start by mentioning the sale, which runs through Monday, February 9th.

The recent cold and snowy weather made us think about you, and what we could do for you to keep you warm during the coldest winter months (at least during that walk from your car to the door of the club).

We're offering anything long-sleeve for 40% off.

This includes new styles, old styles, and even pre-orders - We don't discriminate.

We also don't discriminate against any brands: Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini, Diadora, K Swiss, Nike and Adidas are all included.

Speaking of Adidas, have you seen the Genius shoe series for men, and the Pulse shoe series for ladies?

If not, Come play in the Zone, or check out to get your pair now.

All colors are available.

Wilson K Brave
Wilson K Court
Wilson K Fury
Wilson K One
Wilson K Zero

Now, the racquets:

We already need more space on the wall, so we're offering 10% off all racquets (That's $20-$30 in some cases!) on all new arrivals, such as the K Brave, K Fury, K Court, K One FX and more.

Click on an racquet to read about it.

These are the end-of-January releases, all in the performance category.

Come in for a free demo, or demo on through's demo program.

On a final note, thanks to everyone for sporting the Tennis Zone logo (TZ) on their racquet strings.

We've seen a lot of them floating around local clubs, and it truly makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over.

That promotion is still ongoing - Remember, just $8 a string job!

See you at the Zone!

-Samer of Tennis Zone