Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Asics Tennis Shoes - My Collection

Asics Tennis Shoes - Asics Gel Resolution - Urban Outfitters Shoes - Asics Running

Taking Orders For Old And New Asics

Hi Asics fans.

What a long day.

I worked at the shop, did a few tennis lessons downtown and then went on a 9-mile run...

...And the Asics helped me get through it all... comfortably.

At the shop, I wore the Gel Resolution 2 (far right, $90).

I broke them in, and even sold a couple (a couple shoes, so one pair).

For my lessons, I wore the Gel Resolution from 2008 (far left, $75).

asics tennis shoes running casual

For my run, I wore the runners (second from left, $100).

You see the duct tape, I'm sure.

That's my Nike Plus receiver taped to the tongue, because I like to time my runs, but I switched to Asics for my running needs.

I then went out for the evening, and boom - three comments from three different people about my old, worn down Asics "Tigers" (second from right 85$), which I bought at Urban Outfitters several years ago.

Currently, we don't sell Asics through our website, but contact us with an order and we'll get a pair right out to you, shipped free.

Play In The Zone, and we'll take good care of you.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Novak Djokovic Head Racket Series - They're Here!

Novak Djokovic Head Racket - Novak Tennis Racquet - Head YOUTEK Speed Pro Tennis Racket - Head YOUTEK Speed Pro Lite

Don't you hate it when you see a player using a racket that won't be released to the public for months?

But don't you love it when it's finally been released, and you're the first kid on the block with the racket?

Head Speed Novak Djokovic Rackets Racquets

Here's what we're doing with the release of the Head YOUTEK Speed Series - The Biggest Racket Release Of The Year.

Shipping and Tracking are free.

The Natural Gut Hybrid string job comes free.

So does any string from Head.

Depending on availability, you'll get to choose from:

Babolat Hybrid: VS Natural Gut + Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
Babolat Hybrid: VS Natural Gut + Synthetic Gut
Head C3 Rocket
Head ETS
Head FXP
Head Intellistring
Head Sonic Pro
Head Synthetic Gut
Head Ultra Tour

Not bad at all.

Get a new racquet and a new string in your life.

You won't go back.

Thanks in advance for playing in the Zone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tennis Rackets - Free Natural Gut, Free Shipping, Through Friday

tennis rackets free shipping - tennis equipment free shipping - free natural gut

Hello Tennis Zone Customers!

I posted this to Twitter, and we got a couple sales, so I'm posting it here too, without the character limit...

For the rest of the week, we are offering free stringing with Babolat Tonic + Natural Gut Tennis String, anytime you buy a full-size racket from The Tennis Zone!

If Tonic isn't your thing, you can choose from any another string at the same price ($31.99).

Come play in the zone (or order online), and find out what Natural Gut is all about.

Babolat Tonic Natural Gut Tennis String

If you have elbow issues, try natural gut, and prepare to feel, well, most likely nothing.

Hitting the ball should feel a little more like hitting a marshmallow, because the gut absorbs vibration, only letting your arm feel enough to place the ball.

I highly recommend Tonic, especially to a hard-hitting all-courter looking for more precision.

Play in the Zone.

Thanks for checkin out the blog.

...Ben of

Monday, May 11, 2009

Babolat Pure Drive GT Series - On Sale Now!

Babolat Pure Drive GT - New Andy Roddick Racket - Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT

You've seen Andy Roddick playing with it, and until now, all you've noticed is that it's a different type of blue.

Actually, as far as updates to the previous frame go, that's the biggest one.

new roddick racquet babolat pure drive gt

I have hit with both standard-size versions though, and I think there might be a little more feedback in the newer frames, instead of the stiffer feel of last season's Pure Drives.

Maybe it's in my head.

Anyhow, the Babolat Pure Drive GT Series is for sale now at

Each racquet in the series has the same make-up and specs as its previous version.

One difference is the blending of Tungsten and Graphite in he frame for a slight change in feel.

I don't know.

Maybe there's no significant difference.

new roddick racquet babolat pure drive gt new roddick racquet babolat pure drive gt
new roddick racquet babolat pure drive gt new roddick racquet babolat pure drive gt

Just demo one, and let us know your thoughts.

Either way, it's a fun racquet to use, especially the lightest version.

When you demo, remember that you'll get a discount when you decide to buy (from us, of course).

Be sure to check out the listing for the updated Babolat Drive Z Lite, too!

Go Babolat.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tennis Zone on Twitter - Follow Us For Discounts!

Tennis Twitter - Twitter Discounts - Nike - Sergio Tacchini - Babolat -

So, we're on Twitter.

We're getting a lot more active, and making a lot of new friends.

Here's why you should follow us on Twitter.

Sometimes, the promotions we offer our followers are very special.

lacoste twitter tennis apparel rackets racquets

Say, the $8 String Jobs For Local Customers... the Free 2-Day Shipping On Certain New Products For Online Customers... or say, a three-hour long special for Half-Off Shoes???

You might come through the store frequently, or you may have an active account on our website, but if you're not following our updates on Twitter, you might never know about some of these promotions.

So go for it, get nice gear and save big.


-Ben of

Friday, May 8, 2009

Donate Old Rackets - Get $30 Off Your Next Racket!!

Tennis Charity - Donate Old Rackets - Tennis Zone Charity - Credit Toward A New Tennis Racket - Tennis Zone

Let's face it... Rackets are expensive!

In The Tennis Zone's 16 months of existence, we've done some good things for the community, but we are yet to do a wide-scale project that affects a lot of people.

Here's our idea:

Bring in *any* racket that has been made in the last ten years that is in good enough condition for someone else to play with.

We'll take a look at it, and most likely, that donation will get you a $30.00 credit toward your next new racket from The Tennis Zone.

This credit can go toward *any* new model, full-size racket!

It's that simple, and how good will you feel?

Keep in mind, that we are not going to re-sell the rackets you bring in.

We are giving them al away.

Junior Racket Sale At

We have already been in contact with local high schools, boys and girls' clubs, the YMCA, USTA and others who are really excited about this new promotion!

This is our way of generating interest in our store, promoting the sport, giving customers a break, and of course, helping others (mainly kids) get free equipment.

You'll see signs at your local clubs, in our shop, and at your local public courts.

And of course, we're going to make a mention of it everytime we send out an email or post on our blog.

We're running this $30-Off promotion until June 30th.

We are limiting this to two per person, meaning you can get $30.00 off once on one racket, then another $30.00 off on another racket, so long as your donations are in good condition.

The promotion starts... right.... now!

So find those rackets, bring them in, help yourself, and help someone else!

If you're an online customer, send us your old racket, and we'll log your information so that when you decide to buy a new racket, you'll get the discount in the form of a $30.00 refund via paypal or to your credit card.

Questions? - Just email me!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lacoste Mother's Day Sale - Here's How To Get The Deep Discounts

Discount Lacoste Tennis Apparel - Lacoste Sale - Andy Roddick Apparel - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Lacoste is my favorite brand for tennis apparel, by far.

Since we've removed our Lacoste items from our website, we've been getting a lot of questions and comments from Lacoste fans wondering where they all went.

lacoste crocodile

"What happened to Lacoste?"

"Where is my Lacoste?"

"Where the $%#& did the Lacoste go?"

Well, they didn't disappear.

In fact, we recently received a new shipment of Lacoste shoes, tennis gear and casual wear.

A couple months ago, we did have to take down the Lacoste items from the site, as our request to sell online has not been completely processed yet.

No biggie.

We still have it.

On top of that, we are throwing another big Lacoste sale this weekend, and everyone has access, even without the items being sold directly through the site.

Until Sunday, May 10th, every Lacoste item in the store is 40% Off!!

Look at that reduction!

discount lacoste

Okay, I'm done with the small talk.

Here are the ways you can get Lacoste apparel, shoes and accessories from us at a discount:

1.) Come to our showroom and buy it. - Easy, unless you don't live near Dayton, Ohio.

2.) Email us directly at with your size preference, style and color preferences or exact items you would like to buy. We'll send you a photo album with images of all our awesome Lacoste stuff.

3.) Call us at (877) 499-6638 with that same information.

4.) Fill in the "Contact Us" form on the site with your requests.

5.) Find us on Facebook (search "Ben Nandy") or Tennisopolis, and let us know what you're looking for.

Place an order before Sunday at 6pm, and you are in, before the prices go back to normal.

Place an order of $75.00 or more (shouldn't be hard to reach that amount), and get free domestic UPS ground shipping with tracking or a shipping discount if you're an international customer.

Easy, right?

Play in the zone this weekend to save and become your mom's favorite child.

So there you go.

Other completely unrelated, yet very exciting notes:

*The ultra-hot Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tennis Racquet in a 16x19 string pattern is only available through us.

*The new Novak Djokovic racquets are finally available for pre-order! (Order now, and receive free 3rd Day Shipping - You'll be the first kid on the block with the new Novak stick!)

*Buy any full-size Babolat racquet and get $50.00 off on any pair of Babolat shoes! (order through the site, and you'll see this discount automatically in your shopping cart.)

Play in the Zone!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Novak Djokovic Racket - Head YOUTEK Speed Series

Novak Djokovic Racket - Head YOUTEK Speed Series - Head YOUTEK Speed Elite - Speed Pro - Speed MP Tennis Rackets


I just wanted to get out a quick email blast and blog post to let you all know that officially has the new Novak Djokovic rackets for sale!

New Djokovic Racket - Head YOUTEK Speed Series

You can find them by going to the site, and searching "YOUTEK" or just go to this link.

The Head YOUTEK Speed series is going to do very well (we think and hope), and just like with any new racket arrival, we're offering the following with any purchase of one of these rackets:

*Free string upgrade to TNT Tour, Gamma Livewire, Wilson Sensation or any Gamma Zo string.

*Free same-day 3rd Day Shipping with tracking from UPS.

...Not bad, right?

More to come.

Thanks for playing in The Zone.