Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im addicted to drugs!!!

As you all know Andre Aggasi came out with his new book about his life and journey through the tennis world and beyond. He breaks the news in his book a week before its release that he does admit in his writings that he took part in doing Crystal Meth. A lot of people were takin back by this im sure and may have frowned upon Aggasi but they dont know the whole story.

Of course Aggasi would announce this a week before release, it made headlines across the world that he did Meth and where to find it...IN HIS BOOK!! Everyone was going to find out anyways so tell everyone a week before, blow it up and watch the sales roll in. You can't really blame the guy though, there is no way the book would have sold the amount of coppies that it did.

For all of you Aggasi lovers don't start hating him yet...If you read the book you will see that this wasnt an addiction based situation, it was mearly an experiment...yeeeaa probably wouldn't have picked METH to try but im sure there has been a time or two that you tried somthing new. Well after only three days Aggasi decided that it wasn't for him and did not continue using the drug.

Just a reminder that you can't judge a book by its cover so go out and READ THIS BOOK and get the real scoop on Aggasi and his AMAZING wild ride through his eyes.

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