Friday, March 27, 2009

Advantage Babolat - Buy Babolat Racquet, Get $50 Off On Shoes

Greetings Tennis Zone Customers!

Here's how to get $50 off your next Babolat purchase:

Buy any Babolat racquet and any pair of Babolat shoes.

Easy, right?

Just buy those two things online or in our store, and you'll automatically get $50 off on your purchase!

This includes all Babolat racquet and shoe models, even the Babolat Y series.

Babolat Y 112 LTD Babolat Y 112 Regular Babolat y 112 Smart Grip Babolat Y 118 Regular Babolat Y 118 Smart Grip

Let's also not forget the new Babolat Propulse 2 Andy Roddick Tennis Shoes.

These are usually $109. - If you come in and also buy a racquet, they suddenly become $59.

When you buy a racquet and shoes online, you will see the discount, once you view your shopping cart.

This promotion is ongoing, but will not last forever, so come play in the zone now, and get the game's hottest equipment for less.

Babolat Propulse Tennis Shoes

In a way, the next couple of hours of court time at your club are on us!

Don't forget our other specials which are just this weekend:

1.) Lacoste Shoes (in-store deal only) - $99/pair (goes back up to $135 on April 1st!)

2.) All spring crews and polos - 20% off (Nike, Adidas, Diadora, Balle de Match, Fila and more)

3.) All kids' items - 20% off (New Nike and Adidas arrivals!)

Remember! - Any of these deals (except the Lacoste Special) also apply to online shopping!

See you at The Zone.

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