Monday, November 17, 2008

Literally Just Hours Until Launch of

How many hours... I cannot say just yet.

Thanks to everyone for their patience as we make this site awesome.

So, that rumor we mentioned in our last post was apparently not true. - Who knew?

Anyhow, we are up to several hundred items entered in the system.

Also, please note that we are transferring the addresses of all those on our preferred customer email list to our server within

So soon, you'll be getting updates directly from (

We're also shooting videos for all our featured listings on our site.

This online store is going to be a unique site, designed, maintained and stocked by local tennis enthusiasts.

Thanks for all your patience, interest and help.

Updates will be forthcoming.

By the way, we got a new Lacoste shipment in today! - classic polos, vintage polos, warm-ups, jackets, even jeans and kids' shoes... so come on out, Lacoste-heads!

-Ben of Tennis Zone

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