Monday, November 10, 2008

A Lot Of Balls In The Air...

Greetings Tennis Zone Customers.

So here we are, blogging about some exciting changes at Tennis Zone.

This is where you can get the inside scoop on sales, promotions and parties we hold at the Zone.

It's also where we'll be talking a lot about a new leg to our store...

I'm Ben, and I'm in charge of the internet orders, and basically any word, picture or video (any content) you'll be seeing on our site.

As for actually creating the site, I'm not that smart.

That credit goes to our friends at Atomic Interactive ( in Downtown Dayton.

We've been working around the clock, loading pictures and item descriptions into our new website,

I received some Facebook messages asking about the site and when it's launching.

Apparently, rumor has it that the site is launching this weekend.

I cannot confirm or deny this rumor which the owner, Samer probably leaked, because he's so excited about the site.

I can say that we are planning to phase in products, content and specials, so we make sure we do this correctly.

I can also say that when we can confidently promise a launch date, we'll email you immediately to let you know. is going to be a different shopping experience than other Tennis retail sites out there.

Here's how it will be similar:

-Like the other bigger companies out there, will never be undersold (Let us know if you see better deal and we'll beat them... It's that simple).

-Like the other bigger companies, the will immediately post new arrivals, offer free shipping on orders over $75, and continually update product videos and prices.

-Like the other bigger companies, the will feature a demo program, which allows tennis players from anywhere in the world try out a racquet for free (customer pays shipping) before buying it.

Here's how it will be different: will be marketed to the world, but our content will cater to the local tennis playing community, connecting tennis players, and helping players find and connect with local teaching pros through a directory. will be present everywhere (We shouldn't expand too much on this yet, but you'll see what we mean). will offer in-store consultations (Just tell us when you're going to be in the area, what your preferences are, and we'll shop with you).'s product information will be written for the tennis enthusiast with average vocabulary. We're not dumbing it down, we're just presenting the same essential information through words, pictures, videos and feedback. This will be a fun buying experience.

There are plenty more points I could make, but I need to hold back some of it.

That's enough for now.

Please tell your friends about the regularly updated blog, and invite them to join our email list, by emailing us at

I'll be back soon to talk more...

-Ben of Tennis Zone

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