Monday, April 20, 2009

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tennis Racquet 16 x 19 - A Fun Ride

Dunlop Aerogel 200 16x19 - Unique Tennis Rackets - Racquets

First of all, let me just say that I'm going to use to the word, "Racket" more often, instead of just using "Racquet," because we're learning that's what's being typed into searches.

So, from now on, you'll see both. - That's all.

Now, this beautiful racquet.

It's Dunlop.

It's rare.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tennis Racket - 16 x 19

It's not available anywhere in the United States... anywhere.

Except for one place

Can you believe it?

Take James Blake's racquet, widen out the strings, take some weight out of the handle to change the balance, and you have a racquet that allows for more grip on the ball, and easier swing.

I'm very impressed with the feel.

I'm also very impressed with the paint job.

We have been meeting a lot of tennis junkies over this racket lately, and have had some interesting debate about weighting rackets, stringing rackets and basically loving rackets.

Wow, you do love your rackets.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tennis Racket 16 x 19 - Amazing Control

Keep in mind, we are still doing free synthetic stringing and 3rd Day (or sooner) shipping for this Dunlop until the end of April.

Play in the Zone.

On another note, please relax, the Power Balance is coming soon.

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