Thursday, July 2, 2009

Andy Murray And His Head Radical - Why No Switch?

Andy Murray - New Head Radical Tennis Racquet - Head Rackets - YOUTEK Radical

Andy Murray, the Scottish tennis professional, said to the tennis company, Head that he would switch racquets.

The plan was for Murray to stop using the Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racket, and start using the Head YOUTEK Radical Pro.

ANdy Murray Loves His Old Microgel Radical

The switch was supposed to be just before Wimbledon.

If you've been watching, you've seen Murray using the old Microgel Radical, which has been discontinued!

Apparently, the Scot decided not to use the YOUTEK, or even do a paintjob on his Microgel.

We're told he just wanted everything about his new stick to be the same, even cosmetically, because he likes the Microgel so much.

So what we have is Head's "franchise player" who was supposed to carry the new racquet series, still playing with the old version at the biggest tournament in the world.

He's giving tons of exposure to the racquet that we don't even have anymore (We're working on finding more).

I guess now, the plan is for Murray to switch to the YOUTEK Radical after Wimbledon.

But what if he wins Wimbledon with the Microgel?

What then?

Would he really want to switch?

Either way, the YOUTEK racquets play very well, and sell accordingly.

Demo one if you don't believe me.

I'll even throw in a free gift.

Cheap move, I know.

So the big guy isn't using it, but we'll get over it.

Email us, Call us or buy the new Head YOUTEK Radicals through the site.

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Thanks for playing in The Zone.

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