Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wilson, Adidas, Stringing Promotion, Sale...

FROM: Tennis Zone, Inc.

2713 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.

Dayton, OH 45459

937-436-4700 / 877-499-6638

TO: Tennis Zone Customers

RE: Wilson Arrivals... 40% Off Long Sleeve... Website Links... Racquet Stringing Promotion

Greetings Tennis Zone Customers!

This time, let's start by mentioning the sale, which runs through Monday, February 9th.

The recent cold and snowy weather made us think about you, and what we could do for you to keep you warm during the coldest winter months (at least during that walk from your car to the door of the club).

We're offering anything long-sleeve for 40% off.

This includes new styles, old styles, and even pre-orders - We don't discriminate.

We also don't discriminate against any brands: Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini, Diadora, K Swiss, Nike and Adidas are all included.

Speaking of Adidas, have you seen the Genius shoe series for men, and the Pulse shoe series for ladies?

If not, Come play in the Zone, or check out to get your pair now.

All colors are available.

Wilson K Brave
Wilson K Court
Wilson K Fury
Wilson K One
Wilson K Zero

Now, the racquets:

We already need more space on the wall, so we're offering 10% off all racquets (That's $20-$30 in some cases!) on all new arrivals, such as the K Brave, K Fury, K Court, K One FX and more.

Click on an racquet to read about it.

These are the end-of-January releases, all in the performance category.

Come in for a free demo, or demo on through's demo program.

On a final note, thanks to everyone for sporting the Tennis Zone logo (TZ) on their racquet strings.

We've seen a lot of them floating around local clubs, and it truly makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over.

That promotion is still ongoing - Remember, just $8 a string job!

See you at the Zone!

-Samer of Tennis Zone


Debra said...

Diadora has the most awesome tennis product. My high school tennis team wears it.

...Every Shot Is Easy. said...

thanks for commenting debra...

let us know if you're ever looking for diadora stuff!!!

-Ben of TZ