Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asics Gel - Dude, I'm totally Gellin'

You'll be gelling, and so will your game with the new Asics, only available in store, or by calling 937-436-4700.

I love these shoes because they fit like a glove, and after one practice, they become a part of you!

The New Asics Tennis Shoe Line!

When people come into the store to try out shoes, I used to beat around the bush, bringing out all the latest models from all different companies, only to end up selling the Asics at the end.

Now, I lead with the Asics Gel Resolution, saving time for myself and the customer. (Thanks, Asics)

The Gel Resolutions are perfect for the average foot, meaning the foot that doesn't have any spurs, protrusions or any other kind of "foot character."

This is how most of our feet our, and I guess that's why Asics are our best selling shoe.

Call 937-436-4700 to place an order, or reserve a pair(s) for in-store pick up.

See you at the Zone!

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