Friday, February 27, 2009

Wilson Tennis Shoes: Reinvented

The Wilson Tour Spin Men's Tennis Shoes are or the player that prefers a lightweight shoe that grabs and shapes to the foot.

Part of Wilson's new line of shoes, the Tour Spin is an excellent choice for hard courts.

A ballistic mesh upper makes this shoes one of the most breathable shoes of 2009, and nano-Wik technology keeps feet dry as sweat is transferred through the upper and away from the foot.

Extra rubber beneath the toe and a toe wrap over the toe make the Tour Spin very comfortable on stops and pivots. - They also add to the shoe life.

DST Foam makes for a consistent fit everytime.

Gel and Air soles often pop or fizzle out after a couple months, while the DST Foam maintains shape, even when the biggest, strongest players use them.

This means longer cushion life, and lower risk of foot and ankle injury.

The Innerloc lacing system allows for a nice tight fit without having to continually adjust shoes on changeovers.

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Color: White, Gray and Green

Wilson Tour Spin

Wilson Tour Spin

Wilson Tour Spin

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