Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Asics Tennis Shoes - My Collection

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Taking Orders For Old And New Asics

Hi Asics fans.

What a long day.

I worked at the shop, did a few tennis lessons downtown and then went on a 9-mile run...

...And the Asics helped me get through it all... comfortably.

At the shop, I wore the Gel Resolution 2 (far right, $90).

I broke them in, and even sold a couple (a couple shoes, so one pair).

For my lessons, I wore the Gel Resolution from 2008 (far left, $75).

asics tennis shoes running casual

For my run, I wore the runners (second from left, $100).

You see the duct tape, I'm sure.

That's my Nike Plus receiver taped to the tongue, because I like to time my runs, but I switched to Asics for my running needs.

I then went out for the evening, and boom - three comments from three different people about my old, worn down Asics "Tigers" (second from right 85$), which I bought at Urban Outfitters several years ago.

Currently, we don't sell Asics through our website, but contact us with an order and we'll get a pair right out to you, shipped free.

Play In The Zone, and we'll take good care of you.

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