Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tennis Rackets - Free Natural Gut, Free Shipping, Through Friday

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Hello Tennis Zone Customers!

I posted this to Twitter, and we got a couple sales, so I'm posting it here too, without the character limit...

For the rest of the week, we are offering free stringing with Babolat Tonic + Natural Gut Tennis String, anytime you buy a full-size racket from The Tennis Zone!

If Tonic isn't your thing, you can choose from any another string at the same price ($31.99).

Come play in the zone (or order online), and find out what Natural Gut is all about.

Babolat Tonic Natural Gut Tennis String

If you have elbow issues, try natural gut, and prepare to feel, well, most likely nothing.

Hitting the ball should feel a little more like hitting a marshmallow, because the gut absorbs vibration, only letting your arm feel enough to place the ball.

I highly recommend Tonic, especially to a hard-hitting all-courter looking for more precision.

Play in the Zone.

Thanks for checkin out the blog.

...Ben of

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